207ouest is a concept store with a fragmented catalog, where every object is its own distinctive feature. Selected through travel, research, and unexpected encounters, they all have one thing in common: they make our hearts skip a beat. Of course, there are their textures and colors. But what makes the objects fascinating is often elusive: a smell, a sound, a designer's approach. For us, it's all about the thrill. We collect them.

We is Myriam and Jeanne Elie, the sisters behind the ethical jewelry company MYEL, founded in 2013 in Montreal. While our first business project reflects our creativity, 207ouest is a gateway to our influences and inspirations. It's a window into the world we live in, to fuel our imagination. In our family, we ardently believe that the beauty of what surrounds us impacts our lives; whether it's in the pattern of a scarf, the immensity of a landscape, or the paper of a letter received in the mail. 207ouest is located just below MYEL, making our Rue Laurier address a unique destination for discovery.

There are those objects that, once you know they exist, they become an obsession. We want them to fill our daily lives with their beauty, their audacity, their history. Surrounding yourself with them is a statement. They embody what moves us. 207ouest is the gallery of these temptations.

Myriam and Jeanne Elie

Objects for the body and space

We are the guardians of carefully selected treasures. Browse through our aisles and let yourself be enchanted by the poetry of books, the elegance of fashion accessories, and the boldness of home decor items that make up our exclusive selection. Our passion for aesthetics and uniqueness is reflected in each object, meticulously chosen to awaken your senses and enhance your daily life. Unique finds, both local and international, await you in our online store and in our space in the heart of Mile-End, Montreal.